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I Get Mail from UM Communications

I’m yielding to temptation and including an “I get quoted” story, because I’d like to call attention to the article in question.

Today when I went to Bible study at my church, First UMC of Pensacola, my pastor handed me a large envelope. Since I wasn’t expecting anything I was a bit surprised. Inside there were three copies of Interpreter magazine, again a surprise because I couldn’t think of any reason I’d get one.

But then I found the article by Kathy Noble, “Lord, Save Us” (pp. 33-34), in which she quotes me about the movie. It’s very generous to send me three copies since I’m quoted, but I appreciate it very much. A few people in the study group said they hadn’t looked at their Interpreter yet, but would now.

This movie will challenge the way we think and do ministry. You can find out more at Lord, Save Us (the movie), and/or join the discussion at Interpreter Magazine.

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