What About All the Spiders?

A commenter asks why I have all the spiders in my header and even suggests that there would be many other cool pictures I could use, thus avoiding the spiders.

Let me tell you the story of this blog. Actually it started before I began using blogging software. I would just post essays. A friend of mine took a gorgeous picture of a spider’s web with dew on it. The name “Threads from Henry’s Web came to me looking at that picture. So I used that picture for some time. But it was early digital and only 640 pixels in width, so it’s just a bit low resolution. I mixed it with some new pictures of the spider that is now living outside my office.

As a child I was quite crazy about spiders, collecting dead ones and their webs, taking pictures, and generally watching and identifying the live ones that I could. I do have some sympathy for my mother. My older brother and one sister loved snakes, and then I came along with a thing for spiders.

Anyhow, with that background, the picture and the “world wide web” the rest was pretty much inevitable.

So I’m going to keep my spiders, and perhaps get pictures of a few more …

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