A Problem in Translation: Isaiah 3:12
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A Problem in Translation: Isaiah 3:12

Translation challenges Bible translators face, focusing on Isaiah 3:12’s varying interpretations. The passage’s meaning shifts depending on what textual choices one makes and whether one translates literally or figuratively, potentially impacting the modern reader’s understanding. Ultimately, translation choices reflect what translators deem most crucial to convey, with any decision risking some loss of the original message.

The Camp and the Cloud

Yesterday and today I wrote devotionals for my wife’s devotional list that drew lessons from the movement of the cloud and fire over the tabernacle in the wilderness. These devotionals are not truly exegetical exercises, but rather draw on the approach I call “listening to the conversation.” The command here is clearly directed to Israel…

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Pseudo-Polymath Series on Genesis

I’ve been intending to mention this since last week’s Christian Blog Carnival came out, but I’ve been distracted. Mark Olson at Pseudo-Polymath has started a series on Genesis from a philosophical perspective. The first entry is Reflections on Gensis: Chapter 1, and he has now posted the second entry, Reflections on Genesis: Chapters 2-3 (part…