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Beastly Attributes

I’m following up on my post from yesterday, Making an Image to the Beast. I think these chapters contain quite a lot of useful information that is not primarily prediction, but is definitely prophetic, in the sense of bringing God’s Word to our situations.

I want to talk a bit more about what kind of image we create through our actions as the Church, but first, I wanted to look at the nature of the dragon and beasts, of whom we finally get an image late in the story.

Here are some of those attributes and the references:

  1. Tears down others – 12:4, drawing 1/3 of the stars. Beasts and dragons rarely fall alone.
  2. Consumes and destroys – 12:4
  3. Is not the greatest power – 12:8. Note that verses 8 & 9 compile a great deal of what is now Christian belief about the Devil. The imagery hear draws on a number of passages in Hebrew scripture.
  4. Persecuter – 12:13
  5. Sweeps people/things away – 12:15. It’s humorous to note here that there is a single Greek word for “carried away by a river.” There’s got to be some history for that word!
  6. Angry with those not on his side – 12:17.
  7. Speaks blasphemy – 13:1,5.
  8. Though not the geatest power (see #3), operates with great authority – 13:2.
  9. Puts anger into action in war with the “other side” – 13:7.
  10. Wants all the attention and worship – 13:13.
  11. Deceives – 13:14.
  12. Applies force to get worship – 13:16-17

Now if you’ve read Revelation, you’re probably acquainted with these items, but I thought it useful to compile a list. I didn’t intend it to have 12 items. That’s coincidental.

If you’re following along, an interesting mental exercise is to ask just what wisdom is involved in counting the number of the beast.

Almost forgot! The featured image was generated from text on Adobe Express this time. Just trying things out!

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