Christian Violence?

A Christian game company is producing a game based on the Left Behind series. Their own advertising quotes the New York Times saying that the game “Combines Tom Clancy-like suspense with touches of romance, high-tech flash and Biblical references.”

The game puts players in the position of either killing or converting their opponents and includes spiritual warfare, scriptures texts and more, according to a story in the LA Times Converting Video Games Into Instruments of God.

I’m not going to go into this in depth, but I want to ask my Christian friends this: Can a game be made Christian just because we quote some scripture and include prayer? Is there going to be a time when God will sanction this type of behavior?

From what I can see from the advertising, I don’t think this is an improvement over the average type of violent video game. I’m particularly concerned about the “convert or die” part.

For full disclosure I should note that I do not accept the “Left Behind” interpretation of Revelation.

(Thanks to Dispatches from the Culture Wars for alerting me to this.)

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  1. I agree. But given that the game is based on the Left Behind novels, I’m not too surprised.

    From the LA Times article: The game is set in New York City, where the Tribulation Force clashes with the Antichrist’s Global Community Peacekeepers in a tale that makes the United Nations a tool for Satan.

    When peacekeepers are seen as the enemy, I’m not sure how much gospel could possibly be in the game, even if a few Bible verses do make an appearance.

    What Scriptures could fit with such a game?
    Blessed are the violent, for theirs is the kingdom of New York.
    Blessed are the warmakers, for they will be called Tribulation Force.

  2. (Note: reposted after server failure)

    This is rediculous! Christian violence? Since when did christians promote killing? I think the people making it nedd to change the name of their company, for one thing!

    I know God does not approve of it!

    Aren’t we supposed to be asking outselves-“What would Jesus Do?”-I don’t think he would promote this idiocy.

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