What Creationists Could Learn from Herold Weiss
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What Creationists Could Learn from Herold Weiss

We’re starting a new series of posts on the Energion Discussion Network and the current author is my friend and Energion author Dr. Herold Weiss. He’s the author of the book Creation in Scripture, the first in a series discussing creation from the point of view of those who accept the theory of evolution. That…

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Essentials of the Faith – or Not

C. Michael Patton has written a post on doctrinal essentials which is quite interesting. James McGrath responds. I find this a very useful discussion even when I disagree on what is essential. For example, while Patton states that he is writing about doctrine, and that another post could be written on essential practice, I would…

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Experiencing the (Baptism of the) Holy Spirit

This is a topic where I tend to make just about everyone uncomfortable. Long time readers may recall a previous discussion of speaking in tongues, and my own experience of it. Those who expect me to be intellectually oriented and rational are uncomfortable with mystical experiences, and many who are comfortable with the mystical experiences…

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Heresy Hunting with Closed Ears

Since I write frequently on minimizing the number of essential doctrines, and maximizing lines of communication, I just had to call attention to this blog, Herescope. It’s “About” tells the story: This non-interactive blog contains information revealing heresies and false teachings affecting the Church today. . . . [emphasis mine] Need I say more?

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Morning Reading – 11/6/2007

I read a large number of blog entries each day, and I never have time to comment on everything I’d like to. Considering how many posts I do write, this may be a good thing. One way to comment without having to write is by linking to extremely good posts, and this morning provided me…