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An RSS Feed for Dave Black

Dave Black discusses RSS feeds, of which he has none:

12:18 PM Yes, yes, yes, let’s hear it for RSS feeds!

You may have bookmarked this blog, and/or other blogs and webpages. But you have no idea when new content is posted. So every now and then you click your bookmarks to see what is new. Sometimes nothing is new, and you’ve wasted a click.

Impeccably good logic. Unless, of course, when you click on a bookmark and the site you visit is always publishing something new!

But you can get an RSS feed of Dave Black’s blog. Really you can! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Got to http://page2rss.com
  2. Enter the URL for Dave’s blog, (http://daveblackonline.com/blog.htm)
  3. The site will give you back an RSS feed that will follow updates to that page
  4. Put that feed URL into your RSS reader

For example, my reader currently shows the selection I quoted above as the latest update.

I do update the Energion Publications (my company) book pages for the three of Dave’s books that I publish (with Dave’s permission), Why Four Gospels?, Christian Archy, and The Jesus Paradigm with relevant material from Dave’s blog, but that only gets a limited selection.

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