What Do These Three Blogs have in Common?

  1. Today’s New Reason to Believe (blog from the Reasons to Believe ministry
  2. Herescope, dedicated to hunting heretics, presumably such as me!
  3. Adrian’s Blog, to which I have responded many times.

Can’t find the similarity? Here it is: All three of them prefer to operate without any user response. Now I find that a bit more honest than some blogs, like Uncommon Descent (to which I do not link), which censor their comments such as to give a completely false impression. But I nonetheless find it interesting how people feel that they need to provide “the truth” to people one way. I also find it interesting that all three have, within very recent history, demonstrated feet of clay.

Now please don’t get the idea that I don’t have feet of clay. But you see, you can tell me about it in the comments section, and unless your comment is illegal, or would tend to lose me a family friendly rating, I won’t censor it.

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  1. But I nonetheless find it interesting how people feel that they need to provide “the truth” to people one way.

    Isn’t this an approach to theology that says we come to know God by having The Right Answers ™ about him? And doesn’t it assume that The Teacher is the one with the knowledge and his (it’s usually always a he – sorry to be sexist) ideas are to be imparted and swallowed whole?

    I don’t know about the others, but Adrian has said that he doesn’t have time to respond to comments. He does, however, have time to write extensive blog posts that people should for their own benefit.

    We will soon get a very long one-way monologue about the best way to establish and keep relationships? That would be good. 😉

  2. Well this is me, responding to your response to me. Just not on my blog! I cant police successfully a comment box and cant bring myself to have a free-for-all! I am glad that I DO get reader feed back via emails and also posts such as this one. So how did I recently show my very clay-based feet?

  3. Well, fancy meeting you here, Adrian!

    My largest suggestion for the “feet of clay” category is your series on “The Future of Justification” in which I think you copied numerous errors from Piper. I think I made it very clear, however, that “feet of clay” is a common human condition, so I’m suspecting that you would think I have feet of clay on the same issue–which is what it’s all about.

    To be specific, I would love more interaction on that particular topic. I hope over the weekend to post on the exegesis of 2 Corinthians 5 on my Participatory Bible Study Blog.

    I’ll link to blocks of the material I post elsewhere (I try to put all exegesis on the Participatory site), and I would love to have you hold me accountable on what I say.

    Also, I was in conversation with a Methodist pastor on Wednesday. He used to be my student a few years back but in theology has certainly surpassed me, though he’d still give me a bow specifically in Biblical exegesis, and I was interested in his reaction to PSA interested me. I will summarize his points in a post later, but he says he has been in every Sunday School class in his church talking about the atonement, and has told them that PSA contradicts the doctrine of the trinity. It was interesting talking to someone who approaches this from a POV less favorable to PSA than mine.

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