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Contest via my Company – Energion Publications

This is a sort of commercial message, except I’m trying to give some money away. My company, Energion Publications, is sponsoring a contest, and entries are very slow. There are two $50 B&N gift cards on the line, one for the best affirmative and one for the best negative entry in answer to the question:

Was Jesus of Nazareth the Christ (Messiah/anointed one) as claimed in orthodox Christianity?

“Best” will be determined by popular vote, provided we have entries. Right now, we only have one entry for the affirmative, and none at all for the negative. Entries close on Marcy 27, so someone could quite easily claim a $50 gift card with very little competition.

Even if you’re not interested in entering, I’d appreciate any help letting people know. This is a good opportunity especially for some of the smaller blogs.

Again, for details, see Consider Christianity Week contest at Energion.net.

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