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Added John H Armstrong to my Blogroll

Based on some links passed to me by a friend in e-mail, I’m adding John H Armstrong to my blogroll. (Note that this is the blogroll for this site, not the Moderate Christian Blogroll. There were three posts that led to this:

  • Trinity United Church of Christ: Obama’s Home Church
    This post looks at some of the criticisms of Barack Obama based on faith. I find it particularly helpful, because it is written by someone who is not inclined to be a political apologist for Obama, but is interested in the truth. I have been concerned with the attacks on Obama, which tend to make a lie out of the phrase “person of faith.” Many of those who claim to be looking for “people of faith” in government have come to reject Obama’s faith because it doesn’t look precisely like their own.
  • The Day the Christian Right Redefined the Meaning of “Christian”
    This discusses Dr. James Dobson’s comment that Fred Thompson was not a Christian. It makes some very good points. Again, the author comes from a more conservative viewpoint than mine, but that just gives him a greater right to comment on conservative issues. It’s an excellent post.
  • The Ecumenism I Promote
    This is just a plain good, short article on ecumenism and what it is, and should be, about.

This all looks like good, thoughtful material that deserves reading and consideration. This one goes on my blogroll!

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