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Abortion as a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

Recently I had a conversation with someone who claimed that Republicans had much more integrity than Democrats. He was, of course, a Republican. I maintained, in turn, that all politicians were tempted, and that many would, inevitably, lose their integrity, irrespective of party. After we had exchanged names and scandals for a period of time,…

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On Being Anti-Abortion and Pro-Choice

While preparing this week’s Christian Carnival, which I hosted at my Participatory Bible Study Blog, I encounter a post on how Christians should make voting choices, What’s a Deal Breaker?, which is actually the end of a series. In general, this is an excellent article, in my view, because it discusses prioritizing one’s values and…

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Edwards: Is Marital Fidelity Strictly Personal?

I have posted before on the sex scandals involving Larry Craig and David Vitter. Now with the admission of infidelity by John Edwards, we have yet another sex scandal. One response, as is often the case with marital infidelity, is to claim that this is strictly a personal issue, one between him and his wife….