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According to John: He Who Follows Me … Will Have the Light of Life

My Bible study tonight done via Google Hangouts on Air, will be on the topic in the title. I’m going to be following up from my discussion of vocabulary last week in looking at the words “light” and “life” in the gospel of John and how they relate to our understanding of the book’s message.

Here’s the YouTube viewer:

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  1. Henry, I hope you continue to broadcast Bible studies on video. I think my husband (who is blissfully sleeping) would enjoy your exposition. I like what I’ve heard to far. I have found, as a layperson and decades-long student of Scripture, that things are usually not as simple or straightforward as they might appear on first read. (Of course other passages are complicated from the beginning.) I know that your statements are backed by experience and theology, as well as Biblical language expertise. I’m always “thirsty” for better understanding of Scripture. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement! I’m finding this study challenging because I’m intentionally going out of my comfort zone and talking theology rather than just language, literature, and historical exegesis. I’m glad to have Herold Weiss as a guide.

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