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Lord Save Us From Your Followers – The Movie

I think there are two major errors we can make as Christians: We can fail to have a message, and we can fail to be the message. If I follow the stereotypes I would say that liberals tend to fail in the first, and conservatives in the second. But I’m afraid we all tend to fail at both.

Tom Sims posted this trailer on his blog The Dream Factory. I think the trailer, and hopefully the movie, should make us think, then make us do.

The gospel will offend, but make sure it’s the gospel that is doing the offending and not your attitudes or prejudices.

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    1. The difficulty here is that I intended to reject the stereotype. I would be surprised if you hadn’t encountered it, however. I hear it frequently. Liberals practice the gospel by helping others but don’t teach it; conservatives teach the gospel but don’t practice it.

      That is, of course, quite untrue in so very many ways. I think the sins of liberals and conservatives (and moderates too!) are actually very similar.

      I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear that I was stating something I actually reject. I would be very disappointed if you were “with me” as then you wouldn’t be, so to speak!

  1. I strongly encourage seeing the entire movie. I got to meet Dan Merchant when my “conservative” Christian church had a screening of his movie last year (before it was in theatres), and I believe it was right on for doing so… though I must say that several congregants were shocked. I think they needed to be. Where conservative and liberal Christians disagree on the precise application of scripture to homosexuality, the one thing we should all agree on is that Jesus calls on us to love, not to judge on personal matters that do not involve us. Personally, I consider homosexuality to be a sin. However, I have several homosexuals in my life, and I show them the love that God has put in my heart for them. They know my opinion (lest I be a hypocrite for misleading them), but I do not conk them over the head with it. I have my relationship with God; they have theirs. God has put us in each others’ lives. His will be done.

    See the movie. Read the book. There’s a follow-up on Sister Mary Timothy that is really quite touching.

  2. I’m seeing an entirely different thing altogether from what you guys are seeing. I’ve been researching this for some time, and it’s clear that the movie promotes a Social Liberalist Christianity. The whole purpose for the movie is to marginalize conservatives who share the exclusivity of the Gospel, as Christ did.

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