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Yes! Spend Less on Buildings

… or use them more effectively.

From The Assembling of the Church:

… Instead, the church decided that they wanted to spend more money serving people and less money of a meeting place.

Go read Alan’s post for the full context. Messiah Baptist Church is to be congratulated, and hopefully their example will be followed elsewhere.

There are two approaches to buildings that would be better than what happens most often. First is to get lower cost buildings, and the second is to make more efficient use of buildings in service. A dedicated church sanctuary, used for nothing else, doesn’t strike me as a good use of God’s money.

Buildings filled with Sunday School classrooms that are used only on Sunday doesn’t strike me as a good use of God’s money. Surely something better can be done.

(HT: Dave Black Online.)

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  1. Kudos to MBC. It’s good to see people putting effort into contributing to society. And it’s impressive that they practice what they preach, regardless of the differences in our beliefs.

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