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They Really Do Believe the Earth is Stationary

Occasionally when I mention “geocentricity” people will roll their eyes and let me know that nobody is believes that any more, nobody is that stupid, and comparing the rejection of overwhelming amounts of modern science in favor of young earth creationism with similar rejection of science by geocentrists is silly, because there aren’t any such people.

I’ve previously linked to the Geocentricity web site to show that there really are such people. Yes, they do exist, and they really are just that far out.

Today in the mail, however, I got further proof. Not only are they capable of producing web sites (using modern science to attempt to destroy it), but they are capable of producing and mailing brochures as well. I received a brochure titled “Have Scientists Been Wrong? For 400 years?” In the pamphlet they argue that “the mobility of the earth is the only place where science and the Bible have come into real conflict, and is the starting point for all churches that have compromised the authority of scripture.”

Gotta love all that rejection of compromise! Can’t allow even one iota of fact to pervert our doctrinal systems!

They even advertise a free book (one doubts very many people would pay for such drivel, but there it is–The Geocentric Bible–freely available to all with time to waste and a brain to fry.

Here is your brain; here is your brain after reading the book through.

(Imagine the pictures!)

Question: Is this much more brain frying than Kurt Wise’s claim that he believes in young age creationism even though the evidence is against it because of his beliefs as to the literal understanding of Genesis? (See my notes on his book Faith, Form, and Time.) I’d like to think not, but it seems to me that with the young age view, he is flying pretty vigorously into the face of reams of scientific evidence.

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  1. Surely in Einstein’s general relativity no one frame of reference is privileged, and so it really is possible to take the rotating and sun-circling frame of reference of the earth to be as stationary as any other frame. So, am I being too post-modern to say that we can’t say that these people are wrong? 😉

    1. Yes, that’s WAY too postmodern for me. 🙂

      But would that view satisfy them? After all, if I were standing on Mars, I could privilege that position, such that Mars was the stationary one and I was still somewhere near the center of the universe.

      And heaven forbid I should travel to other stars, thus denying the Biblical story as I carry the center of the universe around with me!

      Yeah, way too postmodern for me…

  2. You all are so egotistical. If you took the time to REALLY look at the true scientific observable evidence, you would see that it has been proven beyond any doubt that the earth is stationary. Einstein’s theory was proven faults YEARS ago. Wake up.

  3. All you have to do is apply some well-known laws of classical mechanics.

    Just start with your geocentric model and a few standard principles of physics (inverse-square gravitation, conservation of angular momentum, etc.), and derive the equations that describe the motion (or relative motion, or apparent motion, or whatever you want to call it) of the sun, moon, and planets.

    Since Einstein was a deluded fool, you won’t need relativistic corrections for the orbit of Mercury; you’ll certainly be able to find these equations with Newtonian mechanics.

    Real astronomers can predict eclipses, transit, occultations, and other events many years into the future, with accuracy of a few seconds. When your geocentric theory can do as well with simpler equations, then scientists will be forced to take you seriously.

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