The Arrival of a Creationist Troll

Someone calling himself “island” has arrived to comment on my previous post (Teaching Evolution in Florida).

He has descended to calling me a liar for the liberal agenda, which I will gratefully add to my other titles, and gotten there all within one day. Head over to the thread if you wish to talk. As is my usual policy, I don’t censor comments, but once I regard a conversation as a waste, I simply drop it.

Don’t feed the trolls? Or do, as you wish. Or perhaps other trolls will join!

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  1. The “liberal agenda,” huh? When I hear that in person about the creationism/evolution wars, I jingle my keyring at ’em the keyring that has the dog tags I’ve carried for nearly 50 years, and remark that I’m a registered Republican and a former elected officer of the local Republican party. That tends to shut them up — they’re perplexed that a registered Republican can respect and defend honest science. Discouraging.

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