Developments on the Plagiarism Front

There have been a couple of very interesting posts about the flap over Judge Jones’s alleged (falsely it turns out) plagiarism in the Kitzmiller decision. I pointed out previously that I saw this as essentially a broad scatter ad hominem attack that reflects no credit on those who perpretrated it.

In the meantime, if there are any of my readers who do not also read The Panda’s Thumb, they might like to look at Now That’s Video to Look Forward To for some fun notes from Dr. Kenneth Miller (via Wesley Elsberry). This was, of course, in response to Dembski’s video caricature of Judge Jones. There slightly more informaiton on this in Dembski’s Motive, which simply illustrates what I said earlier. This is a simple case of an ad hominem attack designed to leave a bad feeling behind. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter in the least to those who take this approach.

I think that’s all for me for now on this topic.

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