The Bible as an Idol?

Via the blogroll on Gavin’s Various Musings I found Evolving in Monkey Town, and right there at the top was this post on making the Bible an idol. How could I resist continuing to read?

After I had read far enough I came across the following quote:

I believe that the primary purpose of the Bible is to equip us to do good works, not to help us win arguments, not prove other people wrong, and not to support our own lusts for power or domination of others.


Rachel is working from 2 Timothy 3:16-17, and I have often suggested to people that you won’t understand this passage if you stop after “All scripture is God-breathed . . .” (or however your translation renders “theopneustos”). You have to look at verse 17 to get the thrust of the whole thing.

While I am loathe to use the word “idolatry” except for people who have elevated the book above the God of the book, this post provides some excellent food for thought. I’m also adding Evolving in Monkey Town to my blogroll.

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