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MBWR #137 + My Highlights

MBWR #135 has been posted.

As I’ve been trying to do more frequently, I’m giving a few highlights from each of the carnivals and roundups I read. There is so much good in these, and of course the person who does the complete roundup can’t really rank them all that much, so I think it’s nice to link to posts that really catch my attention.

So here are my personal highlights from this week’s MBWR.

Mitch Lewis is posting on The Wrath of God in Romans 12-13. As I was blogging earlier on why I’m not a pacifist I thought I might invoke Romans 13, but never got there. Mitch has done a much more thorough job than I was planning to do. He also commented briefly on my post, though it took me until today to check out his. It’s worth checking out.

William Chaney is wondering about the accountability of prosperity preachers. I’m a pretty big fan of accountability myself. Good question!

Allan called this one from the Questing Parson “best of the Methodist blogosphere” and I agree. And the adults shouldn’t just tolerate laughing, they should tolerate a bit of running around too! So there!

Here’s a cause to get involved in. Or not.

Well, that’s enough fun for this time!

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