Worst Worship Song

Peter Kirk is discussing the “worst worship song,” a theme (or proto-meme?) that seems to be running amongst the Christian blogs, and he’s particularly concerned that “Heart of Worship” is regarded as the worst by a number of bloggers.

That one isn’t my favorite, but I also wouldn’t call it the worst. I’m a bit more of a hymn person, preferably accompanied by a fine pipe organ or excellent synthesizer.

A great deal of the quality of worship music has to do with the time and circumstances. Too many times worship leaders just work off a list of favorites.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Henry, but actually I am trying to stop discussion of the worst worship song. I have two objections to such discussions. One is that a song which is bad in some circumstances is probably good in others, so “worst” is meaningful only in a particular context. The other is that during times of worship people should not be judging the songs, but worshipping.

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