Family Time

Family time is a phrase that means many different things to each of us. The words recall memories and regrets.

When I ask my children about family time, it shouldn’t be surprising that it is the time when their parents gave them undivided attention that they recall most vividly. Concerts, meets, and ball games are the events that my children were a part. Knowing that I was going to be there long before the event and then coming on time and showing it was a priority was what wrapped them into secure feelings and gave a boost to their confidence and ego.

Meal times were also big to my children. Even meals that involved a ballgame or show on television were remembered if we did it together! I dip my head in shame as I admit that my parents were correct when they said that coming to the table together with no television or distraction and giving attention to each child and the stories of their day is part of the foundation of a healthy family. This is when important questions of “why” and the impact of world and local events were also discussed. Even spiritual questions were raised. It should be said here that it was a “conversation” not a lecture on my views but time to allow the children, especially in pre-teen to teen years, to express their view and begin to look at what went into their view.

My children are grown now with children of their own. They live in cities halfway across the continent and across the continent. Meal times are often quiet without their activities and voices coming in overlapping waves! But family time is still important. Even with the number around the table being two, it is important to come together and spend time listening to each other.

Soon we will be coming into Thanksgiving and Christmas. Families come together in masses. Maybe there will only be two at your table. Maybe there will be a “mix” at your table that is not connected by blood but by a spirit of friendship and respect. Whatever the number, let us come together and make the most of the family time that is given to us

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