Resistance to Evolutionary Theory Confirmed!

Just two posts ago I commented on the resistance to evolutionary theory and what I think are the actual reasons for it. Today I came across a blog that truly confirms everything I said from the other side. The blog is called The Sheep’s Crib. In a post titled EVOLUTION: Croco-fish can’t crack Chritian commitment!. In this post you will find the attitude I discussed expressed and defended from the Bible.

Now anyone who has read my series on creation and evolution, and particularly my post Creation, Evolution, and Genesis 1-11, will know that I disagree with that blogger’s point of view on what these scriptures actually mean. I don’t believe theistic evolutionists are denying the faith. But he does, and he is bold enough to admit it and to proclaim that he simply won’t do that. His stance reminds me of the position of Dr. Kurt Wise, author of Faith, Form, and Time who admits that there is much evidence for evolution, but then states that for him the Bible is primary, and thus we must study until we discover the truth. I disagree with him, but that’s an honest position.

I not only disagree with both those positions, but I deplore their approach, while accepting and commending their integrity in holding to their position. This contrasts with the folks who try to claim that the evidence does not exist, or is not what it clearly is. But what all of these groups share in common is a rejection of the evidence based on a prior religious commitment.

I hold, on the contrary, that the physical evidence is part of God’s word or communication to us, and that we must listen to everything God has said in every way.

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