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I don’t actually get personal on this blog all that often, but what is more personal than a personality type? In any case, you can blame it all on that mastermind Joel, who published his type (INTJ), thus causing me to fall into temptation, and try to remember mine.

I didn’t remember it until I scored the test, and then I said to myself, “Oh, yes. That was me.” (Or was I, in my more grammatical moments. [Query: Can a moment be grammatical?]) So here it is, drum roll please …


OK, the rational mastermind. Actually, though I always come up that way on the test, I don’t feel much like a mastermind.

Now here’s the funny part. The Jung Career Indicator suggests that I might go into natural science, natural science education, IT, or computer programming, with an alternative in social services as a lawyer or a librarian. Well, I do own two businesses, one of which does IT, and I do computer programming as a hobby, but my work day is in publishing, and I end up doing a great deal of sales. My training is in Biblical Languages and I often teach.

Probably I just missed my path way back when I chose a Biblical Languages major in college.

Nah! I think I’m OK with what I do. Which is why you see the Lord’s Prayer in biblical languages rather than some personality type image at the beginning of this post.

(And to demonstrate that salesmanship thing, how about a copy of Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord’s Prayer? [How’s that for connections? (So there! {Oh, and don’t try to tell me you weren’t trying to figure out what that image of the Lord’s Prayer was about!})])

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