A Snake-Handling Baptist?

Dave Black posts a picture of his colleague Alvin Reid (look for 6:56 AM, Thursday, January 21), who appears with Dave’s favorite reptile (and I assume Alvin’s as well, but what do I know?) It looks to me like the Baptists are descending into snake handling. Who could have predicted that?

Actually, the occasion is the release of Dr. Reid’s first ebook, ADVANCE! – Gospel-Centered Movements Change the World (PDF). I have only had time to glance through the table of contents and read a few paragraphs, but it’s on my reading list already. It’s about time we realized as Christians just how important “gospel-centered” really is!

Just as a precaution, however, I did a search for the word “snake” in the ebook, and it does turn up–three times on page 10. So watch out!

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