Expectations follow Encounter

I haven’t been posting on Leviticus for some time because I have been busy preparing books for publication.  All that paying work sure does interfere with one’s hobbies!

Today I encountered this quotation in my continuing effort to read through Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy alongside the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary on those books.

… It is important to remember, both in the case of God’s dealing with his people in the past, as well as with his people today, that God first encounters his people in history, and only after a relationship has been established are the expectations derived from the relationship presented.  Expectations follow encounter.  — p. 57, emphasis mine

And that is how grace is manifested throughout the Bible–before we call, so to speak.

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  1. as a renewing Christian, I have found Bible study to have a profound impact on my daily life. you are worlds ahead of me in terms of spirtual maturity and biblical knowledge. presently i am reading the bible through and am in Leviticus. i recall from my youth this being a boring and pointless book. this time around, i find it most illuminating. ch 3&4 regarding fellowship offerings and sin offerings demonstrate the Lord’s expectation of priests (today’s clergy), the community, leaders, and finally individuals. Intriguing too, is the positioning of fellowship offerings before sin offerings. for me, this illustrates God’s desire for His people: willing and participatory fellowship, that comes before Him in reverence, awe, and love. Making available to those Isrealites so many years ago, what we today have ready access to if only we are willing to believe in the sacrifice of Jesus.

  2. I appreciate your words about Leviticus. It is wonderful that you are seeing not only words and verses, but the pattern of the book itself which has so much to teach us!

    Many blessings as you continue to read.

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