The Secret Diary of D. A. Carson

I love humor and satire in particular, and I think every public figure, even if only a public figure in a minor way, should be prepared to be on the receiving end. Hmmm! It would be nice to be important enough myself to be a good target, but I suspect I’ll have to sell lots more books, get lots more blog visitors, and maybe even say a few hundred more outrageous things before it’s worth someone’s time. For now I’ll have to comfort myself with the nickname my students have given me–Henry the Heretic.

Some folks have created a humor site, The Secret Diary of D. A. Carson, which has only been around for about a month. The authors have written some humorous things, and there’s no danger anyone will believe it’s the real Carson. In fact, the url “fakecarson.blogspot.com” should be a hint even to the most humor impaired.

The writers say they have been approached by the TEDS administration and asked to remove their blog. They have a post asking for comments on what they should do. Check it out, but more importantly read some of their older entries. I think it’s good fun.

HT: evangelical outpost.

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  1. This is just begging for somebody to create the secret diary of N.T. Wright blog. Then fake Don can blog about fake Tom, and vice versa.

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