Scientists Thinking about Intelligent Design

In an extraordinarily inane post over on Uncommon Descent, titled The best evolutionary biologists think about intelligent design, S. Cordova tells us that, well, as the title says, the best evolutionary biologists are thinking about intelligent design. This strikes me as rather like the child who provokes his parents into punishing him just because he wants attention. He is getting attention after all.

Here’s why it looks like that to me.

  1. He references “Richard Dawkins, Jerry Coyne, Ken Miller, Sean Carroll, and Michael Ruse.” Why? Well, as he continues, they have all reviewed Michael Behe’s new book. Their reviews? They systematically demolished it. You will find links to Jerry Coyne’s review, Behe’s ineffectual response, and Coyne’s response along with some dot connecting info here. Yep! Evolutionary scientists are thinking about intelligent design and they think it’s not science.
  2. He references an article in Medical Systems Biology, in which he places ellipses right after the line “intelligent design is making headway in the laboratoryÂ…” Guess what the next sentence is in the article. “In this case, though, the designer turned out to be just some clever scientist.” Wow! It’s hard to even consider this deception, it’s so weak.
  3. The last one? Well, they have found a copy of Darwin’s Black Box on the shelf of John Maynard-Smith. Hmmm! You’ll find that I have a considerable library of young earth creationist literature. Does that mean I think it’s serious? No. It simply means I believe that many people are led astray by it.

Rather an odd way to “defend” ID, isn’t it?

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