Even Better Update on Driscoll Video

Check this post on In Defense of the Faith for further information. One can’t be absolutely certain with blog comments, but this is beginning to make sense to me, I think. 🙂

In textual criticism, we consider a reading that could give rise to all the others as more probable. This report–that the videos were available, but in a different way than expected–could give rise to all of them. This whole thing reminds me about making assumptions that one person’s take on an event is necessarily accurate, even if they are sincere.

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  1. Thanks for the update – I’ve been following this story with interest, it’s good to know that there may be a reasonable explanation for it. You make a good point, too, about making assumptions about one person’s take on an event. I’ve done that myself (re: Rick Warren) and had to apologize for it later. That pause to check the facts and check them again, and to give the benefit of the doubt, is so critical!

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