Waiting for my Link

Update (3/7/07 6:40 PM CST): I stand here with egg on my face. The trackback appeared on the ESV blog. I apologize for my insinuation that they would not do so. I was wrong.

The folks over at the ESV Blog say that “[a]s always, we appreciate everyone who blogs about the ESV.” They were responding to the palmertree endorsement concerning which I blogged yesterday. Shall I hold my breath waiting for my link from them? 🙂

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  1. Well, Henry, they put up your trackback, but they have closed the post to pings as well as comments, which doesn’t suggest very much appreciation of those who link to it.

  2. Actually, Peter, the trackbacks were closed before I tracked back, I believe. They apparently put up mine as a special case. My thought would be that discussion on a translation is a good thing. I don’t particularly dislike the ESV–I do dislike the reasoning of many of its proponents. Nonetheless because of my particular focus in terms of Bible translations I wouldn’t recommend the ESV as a pew Bible, for example.

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