Quick Note on Persecution

The other day I wrote a note about Christians feeling persecuted in the United States and how I felt that devalued the term “persecution.” This morning I got an alert from Christian Today (I subscribe to the Christianity Today Connection e-mail), which gave the story of a persecuted girl in Pakistan and led, inevitably to the Voice of the Martyrs site Persecution.com.

I suggest to any American Christians that if you’re feeling persecuted, go read some of the stories on that site until you get perspective. Even better, take some action. They’ll give you some options.

I believe we should be alert to the persecution of any people for any reason. We should be alert against discrimination in this country as well, no matter who is targetted. But we also need to realize our blessings in this country, and at the same time come to a clear understanding of what it means when people claim authority of the spiritual lives of others through the power of the state.

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