Episcopal Church Elects Woman as Presiding Bishop

I’d like to congratulate the Episcopal church on electing a woman as presiding bishop. While the normal complaints about declining mainline membership are brought up, I do not believe that the membership problems that the mainline churches have are due to upholding the rights, and more importantly the divine calling of women. Further, no Christian should be determining policy based on numbers. Inclusion is right, whether it makes one popular or not.

In a story on MSNBC.com, Episcopalians elect 1st female national leader, noted that “gasps could be heard throughout the vast convention hall when Jefferts Schori’s name was announced.”

What is there to be shocked about? It’s long past time that we, as Christians recognize that God can call women to any level and type of ministry that he desires to. This should be a non-issue, but unfortunately it isn’t.

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  1. I think the shock was this could happen so quickly given that the Church of England, the central church in the confederation of national churches which is the Anglican Communion, has been paralized over the decision whether to have women bishops at all. The EPiscopal Church is in hot water with the rest of the ANglican Communion, the majority of which do not ordain women as bishops (although 2/3rds do ordain them as priests or deacons).

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