Does Integrity make you a Wuss?

DaveScot over on Uncommon Descent thinks that having integrity and good judgment makes one a wuss. Of course, unless he also has the guts and integrity already displayed by the folks over on Telic Thoughts, he’ll have to come up with something to say, and I suppose this is as good, or as bad as anything. Let’s just say that one lie leads to another, and DaveScot is busily digging himself in deeper and deeper.

And note that the folks over at Telic Thoughts are not endorsing Dr. Pianka’s ecological ideas. Like many other people they are simply noting that he did not call for release of a nasty virus or desire the killing of 90% of the world’s population. His other ideas remain to be discussed. In fact, most posters on this topic have distanced themselves from some of Dr. Pianka’s ideas, while still challenging the false accusations.

DaveScot’s reaction to the decision by the folks at Telic Thoughts? “Gag me with a spoon.”

Keep it up DaveScot. Your credibility can’t get any lower, but perhaps this additional confirmation will keep someone, somewhere, from forgetting about your behavior.

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  1. I love how DS 1) prevents trackbacks and pingbacks from appearing on Uncommon Descent when someone is critical of them and 2) how he goes through everyone’s comments and leaves bold comments himself belittling the commentor. It’s like graffiti.

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