Limited by Expectations

Yesterday I was looking for some material a friend had asked me to print on 11×17 paper. How boring, eh?

Well, I couldn’t find it. I searched through my email and various folders, and the material to be printed was nowhere to be found.

Finally, I called my friend to ask him about it. He had sent the material by mail. Physically, not virtually. Actual stuff!

Moments after I returned to my work table, there was the material, waiting to be scanned and copied.

This is a simple, though irritating example of how our expectations can control what we do. If we are expecting a certain type of stuff, we might miss all the other stuff that is taking place. Our expectations can control us.

Now I want to add that I’m not a positivity person. I do not assume whatever stuff I expect, will actually happen. In fact, I think more frequently we miss the real stuff by expecting something else.

Practice flexibility. Be ready for the unexpected. Don’t let your expectations limit your exploration.

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