A Brief Venture into the Practical

9781938434716sOh, we don’t have to keep it brief. My friend Greg May (also an Energion author, Crewed Awakening and It’s in the Toolbox) wrote a great post this morning about application. There’s nothing wrong, in my view, and much good about learning the nuts and bolts of the Bible.

I’ve encountered an attitude similar to that of the guy in Greg’s post many times. I am urged to stick with just the facts. But the Bible isn’t about “just the facts.” In fact, the parables of Jesus are best not “solved” but left to stimulate our kingdom thinking.

So let me link to another friend, who went on a thinking spree about the prodigal son. You may well disagree with where his thinking led him, and that should generate some good discussion, but the process is wonderful.

And that is a brief post for me!


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