Church Sign Theology – Sorta Saved?

OK, I said the last church sign was theologically incorrect, and I stick with that, because the sign seems to be providing a definition of faith. As a definition, it’s incorrect. Faith may help you not to panic, but it is not the same as not panicking.

What’s got me on this is looking for church signs to post at, the support site for the book Megabelt by Nick May. Megabelt is a look at church life in the Bible belt. The name comes from megachurch + Bible Belt, and thus Megabelt. But some of them are fun to discuss.

I spotted this next one on the road back from Blue Lake Methodist Camp, and I turned around to take a picture of it.

Sorta Saved?

I have to say that this one could be a bit profound, depending on how you think about the word “salvation.” I might equate “sorta saved” with having recited a prayer and then failing to become a disciple. But overall, the sign doesn’t strike me right.

I’m thinking someone might say that it’s unfair to critique short statements on church signs. In my view, the best thing to do with a church sign is to put information about the church services. I don’t think church signs are generally helpful. Even those that aren’t bad are generally not that constructive. So I’m grumpy about church signs, along with the lead character of Megabelt!

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