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A Bill to Make Legislators Look Good

It’s Florida HB 31 (full text – originalcommittee substitute), and either version of it accomplishes pretty much nothing, thought the original version might have led some school boards to get into legal trouble, something many of them are quite adept at without help.

I am opposed to officially sponsored religious events, but am in favor of permitting voluntary religious observances when led by students, not people paid by the state. But that is largely constitutional, courts will generally uphold such rules, and thus school boards can take these actions without the benefit of the state legislature making the suggestion.

So some Florida State House members, including Dave Murzin from my district, are planning to waste time trying to look good with their voters (most of whom do like prayer in schools) by writing a law that will accomplish nothing positive and may well cause additional problems.

Thanks for your sense of priorities. With the state of Florida having problems with its educational system, I’m sure that taking the time to debate a bill that will leave things pretty much the same will solve so many problems.

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