Learning and Living Scripture

… is the title of my latest, and forthcoming, book, with co-author Geoffrey Lentz.  Geoffrey is associate pastor of First United Methodist Church in Pensacola, FL and has become a regular collaborator on the Participatory Study Series, whence comes the name of this blog.  He also has an Energion Publications author page.

Learning and Living Scripture is the basic guide to the method, the book that should have come before the study guides we’ve released.  For those bibliobloggers who come by to read, let me note that this probably isn’t the book for you.  It is aimed at the new Bible student or small group that would like to get started in Bible study.  It aims at the same audience as LaHaye’s How to Study the Bible for Yourself (link is to my review) but doesn’t take the literalist view that is taken in that book.  Fee & Stuart, How to Study the Bible for all its Worth (again link to my review) would be more advanced, and is on our recommended reading list.

The book is currently available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble (link at left).  As of February 13, 2010, B&N was offering this for 9.74 or 8.76 to members, which is 32% off the cover price of $12.99. Amazon.com will let you sign up on a notification list (Learning and Living Scripture: An Introduction to the Participatory Study Method).  I suspect Amazon will have it for pre-order soon.  You can also pre-order from Energion Direct, my company’s direct sales store.  Delivery will be about the same as from other sources, but we’re currently not charging shipping or handling.

Bloggers or other reviewers can request free review copies.  You can use the free copy request form, or simply e-mail Energion Publications with your name, your review outlet (blog, magazine, etc), and the name of the book you would like to review (Learning and Living Scripture).  We reserve the right to be selective, but we have yet to turn a blogger down for a free book.

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