Um, No Thanks, Not like You

Al Qaeda’s #2 has called on Americans to embrace Islam, presumably his version. Um, no thanks. Even melting down, we’re better off.

Oh, and by the way, Muslim calls to embrace Islam bring memories of Muslim conquest, not to mention recent terror attacks, just as Christian calls to convert the whole Muslim world bring back the crusades.

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  1. Better off? that’s a tad arrogant! Having been the target of soul hunters of the “good Christian” kind in the US, India, France and the UK, sorry Henry, that bloody shocks me! I don’t know that any religion is better off, anywhere in the world!!!! And as a minority Hindu in the US, I am safer in Pakistan than I am in the US. The Crusades are already back on thanks to Christianity and Islam.

    1. But having specified his version, i.e. a specific, violent variety of violent Islam, and also having noted similar calls from my Christian side, I thought it was as clear as I could get in a very short post that I’m talking about the radical, fundamentalist branches of both religions.

      I’d say the same for any religious group that espouses violent action. Further, my intention was to express a preference for living in a pluralistic society, not specifically for Christianity. I don’t want a society dominated by either religion.

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