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The TNIV has a Blog

I got an e-mail today with just the link for this new blog–only two entries–and the blogger is [drum roll] –wait for it–the TNIV Translation. Well, I assume the book has a spokesman and he or she (or should I use the singular “they”) is typing the entries. I don’t know if this is an official site or not, and we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

I’m glad to see blogs promoting good Bible translations in modern English, and I think the TNIV is a good translation. I also wish everyone well in promoting it. I do have a problem with some of the rhetoric in the first post. The question they’re asking is “why not the best?” They’re not shy about making claims either:

We can confidently tell you that our Bible translation, the TNIV, is the best.

The even try to make some mileage off of the Better Bibles Blog, where bloggers Wayne, Suzanne, Peter, and a couple of others have defended the TNIV from many attacks. It might not have been the best start to the new blog to take this approach. If they want to set the record straight, then they might be better advised to ask “best for what” before they decide to unequivocally declare their particular version the best.

To be honest, on reading the rhetoric of the first post, I was almost convinced this was some kind of a spoof making fun of the TNIV by using overblown rhetoric, but then I encountered the second post which links (their link is broken, use this one) to a post by Mark D. Roberts reviewing the TNIV which I’ve only partially read, but appears quite intelligent and balanced.

I hope that this blog will improve and will provide substantial, accurate, information on the TNIV which has gotten way too much unfair coverage.

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