New Appearance and Co.mments

I’ve changed to a three column appearance which I adapted from the existing default WordPress theme. Please let me know if you experience any problems looking at various parts of the blog.

In addition, I’ve added my Co.mments tracking list to the left sidebar. I’m doing this as a test. One of the things I have missed using blogs instead of forums in general (though I still participate in the Compuserve Religion Forum) is the ability to closely follow a wide range of comments on a topic. I think the service provided by co.mments will help with this, and this will also allow me to link easily to sites where I’m commenting and following threads, even if I don’t post an entire blog entry on them here.

Please feel free to leave comments on the value (or lack of it) of this idea. I certainly find the co.mments service helpful for me. We’ll see how it works as a more current source of links.

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