Hanging Your Interpretation

I have just added a new essay to my collection on Biblical interpretation, entitled Hanging Your Interpretation. I have needed to write this essay for some time, as I often suggest using the procedure described, but have never presented any sort of detail about how it should be done.

I am often asked for quick tips on interpretation and even quick methods for interpretation. The desire for a method that will allow one to be a Biblical scholar in five minutes a day is a pretty natural one. We are, after all, pretty busy.

I don’t know any short cuts to Biblical interpretation. But what I’ve found is that most people want some way to avoid making errors in the way in which they use their Bible. This fear can lead them to surrender their own judgment and their own hearing from God to others. But that is simply a way to replace your own errors with someone else’s.

In answer to this need, I present the “hanging rule.”

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