Breaking Homeless (and other) Stereotypes

The title of this blog, Threads from Henry’s Web, suggests that I’m the one producing the threads and hopefully drawing you in. But often the threads are leading me somewhere. Some things happened in just the last couple of weeks:

  • A conversation with an author about a new book talking about those living on the fringe of society. (Yes, we’re going to publish it. Watch for announcements on Energion Publications news.)
  • A book of poetry that evoked some startlingly strong and stark images for me (also to be published)
  • Work on a web site for a local community ministry (Pensacola United Methodist Community Ministries), that involved a good conversation about what they hope to accomplish in the community here. Watch for some big and exciting changes in their web site!
  • The video I’ll link below.

Think about it.

Others may not be what you imagine them to be.

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