Most Popular 10 Posts of 2009

Here are the ten most popular posts of 2009, as determined by my wp-stats plugin:

Does Gordon Fee Discard Part of the Bible?
ESV vs KJV (Better Bibles Blog)
Suppressed and Talking about it Everywhere
Criticism Example: The Parable of the Sower
Translating Psalm 46
Seventh-day Adventist Education and Evolution
Can Anyone Identify this Spider?
On the ESV
Eastern Orthodox Tradition and Atonement
Interpreting the Bible III – The Impact of Inerrancy

There are really very few surprises here for me, though I am often surprised immediately after I post something at what attracts links.

I have made similar lists on my Jevlir Caravansary blog and my Participatory Bible Study blog. The surprise of the year for me is that of the three into which I split this blog a couple of years back, Participatory Bible Study is the most popular. I had expected this one to remain well ahead of the other two.

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