-MORE- Tags: To Use or Not

The -MORE- tag in this blog software breaks out a portion of the post to show on the main page, while requiring you to click on a link if you wish to continue reading. I keep trying to remember to use them, but I generally forget.

What do you readers think? Do you like to see just a sample on the main page, and only see the full post if it interests you, or is it easier just to scroll through even the longer posts? I’d be interested in any comments.

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  1. I read blogs using Google Reader, so using the more tag forces me to go to your site to finish reading a post instead of being able to read it on the RSS feed. Since I’m quite lazy, I’m much more likely not to go to the full post unless I’m very interested, whereas I’m actually more likely to read the entire post, no matter what the topic, if I can see the entire thing initially. So my two cents is that most of the time I’d prefer just to see the entire post all at once.

  2. Like Kyle, I come here via Google Reader. But unlike him, if the first couple lines of a post catch my eye, I click through. If they don’t, I stop reading. So once there’s a solid paragraph or two before the MORE tag, it won’t hurt.

    On the other hand, I tend to poke around the whole site every week or so. And when I am scrolling down the main page, the MORE tags are an advantage, since they make scrolling easier. Since I am just poking around looking for things I’ve missed, I prefer shorter posts on the main page.

    Hmm…having said that, I should really start using MORE tags for longer posts on my own blog…

  3. I agree with Kyle. I subscribe through a news reader and most often just read what’s available there. I don’t want to take the time to click through from a “teaser.”

  4. I tried using -more- on my longer posts but I often forget also. I do find that it makes a more presentable front page but I find it somewhat distracting depending on where the tag is located.

  5. I get here from Newsgator, which used to just show the title & first couple of lines, but has recently (this week?) switched to showing me everything.

    I scan so many blogs, that I only want to follow up on bits I’m really interested in (that’s what RSS was invented for, isn’t it?) – so I’d prefer an informative headline & start, then a MORE tag. I’ll just have to get Newsgator to go back to its earlier behaviour; I’m sure there’s a setting somewhere…

  6. Just checked – actually, it makes no difference to Newsgator, which just shows me the heading, first few lines or whole post, depending on my settings.

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