Added Caching

Though the number of page views per day doesn’t seem to reflect it, I’ve had some database load problems, so I have added WP-SuperCache to this blog as well. As always, let me know about any problems you may have. This seems like overkill for the traffic on this blog, but if it works OK, I might as well lighten the database load.

If comments are causing problems, e-mail

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  1. One problem I have noted with both this blog and your Bible study one is that the RSS or Atom feeds are not working, or at least Bloglines reports them as such. It hasn’t updated this blog’s feed since 1st October, but it did manage to update the other one on 15th but not since. Maybe you should check the feeds are working.

    1. I see the error message in bloglines. I may have to e-mail them, because the feeds are working both in Google Reader and in two aggregators I manage myself.

      I’ll let you know what I hear, if anything. Last time they fixed the problem, but never let me know what they had done.

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