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  1. Interesting. Sounds like Obama and McCain should be running mates rather than opponents. (Well, maybe not on Iraq.) Perhaps, if they win their party nominations, they could agree that whichever doesn’t win the final election becomes the Vice-President. But would that be constitutional? Oddly enough under the Russian constitution of the mid-1990s that would have been automatic, in a two horse race.

  2. I almost counted myself in that camp and then I reflected on it a little further. I was attracted to Obama’s message of unity but I can’t agree with most of his policy positions. So I realized that Obama isn’t going to be a uniter any more than Bush who promised to be a uniter. They are only uniters as long as people agree with their policy positions, otherwise they have to cause division to protect their positions. A unity speech can be inspiring, but it’s not good in the course of carrying out politics.

    1. I don’t know what the positions of these prominent Republicans actually are. I can support Obama, because there are a number of issues on which I agree.

      The one problem is one I have with all candidates–I think they are too busy trying to get in peoples’ business. The democrats go after our businesses and tend toward nanny state stuff; the Republicans are obsessed with the bedroom. So with each vote I get to decide which set of freedoms I will vote to give up and which to keep. Of course the details vary by candidate.

      Right now I think we need a few more liberals on the supreme court, which is why I lean Democrat.

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