Dobson is Lying

. . . or so says Ed Brayton on Dispatches from the Culture Wars. I’m not sure if he’s right, though I’m inclined to agree that many conservative leaders will back McCain, especially if Hillary Clinton is the democratic nominee. Ed’s post also brings up my largest concern with McCain–Supreme Court nominations. The conservatives are afraid he won’t nominate conservatives. I’m afraid he will. Is it flip or flop?

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  1. Here’s a twist for you – it doesn’t matter who a theoretical President McCain (or Obama or Clinton) nominates. Because as McCain made so abundantly clear, it’s not the President, but a handful of rogue Senators who determine who gets a chance to be on SCOTUS.

    I’m laughing myself silly at McCain, of all people, promoting the theory that we’d better elect him or a Dem will nominate liberal judges. And I’m profoundly depressed that people are falling for that fallacious argument. I suppose things could be worse. It could be Huckabee.

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