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Hindu Prayer in the Senate

My own preference would be that any prayers in congress be privately, not officially conducted. That is due on the one hand to my conviction that we should be a pluralistic, secular society, and on the other to my doubt that politically stage managed prayers are of any value. But given that prayers are offered on the floor of congress, the opportunity should be inclusive, not exclusive.

Thus I appreciate the effort of Harry Reid in inviting a Hindu to offer the prayer, and I believe the response of three Christian protesters in the gallery was not a good witness for Jesus. The appropriate response would be courtesy and respect, both for the person who was practicing his religion and for the congress which was recognizing the presence of non-Christians in this country.

For the complete story, see Hindu prayer in Senate disrupted

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  1. If they do have to open a session in prayer, I’d like to see a diversity of faiths represented as well. I’m sure there would have been an even bigger protest if an Islamic cleric led the prayer.

  2. I think the behavior of the Christians was deplorable – I was really embarrassed – and I wish they’d stop the prayer on the Senate Floor entirely. These politicians neither listen or care about seeking God’s wisdom with the laws they’re passing.

  3. I, too, would like to see prayer eliminated in Congress, and all Government functions. However, if prayer is NOT eliminated from Government functions, I think that the religions need to be rotated so that each religion is used. I also think that the prayer that the Hindu Priest said was beautiful and should have been paid attention to.

  4. I would agree that if we have prayers they should include various faiths. I just find the whole concept of an official prayer in a pluralistic society problematic.

  5. Mr Pavkovic is a KJV Only advocate. His ‘intolerance’ isn’t only towards Hindus, it’s towards anyone who would not use the KJV exclusively.

    If this man is the future of Christianity, we – the conservative evangelical Christians such as myself – are doomed to the dark ages.

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