Celebrities Abusing Rehab

I really likes this article on MSNBC/Newsweek written by Patti Davis. Based on her own experience with becoming addicted and overcoming it, Davis looks at the celebrities going in and out of rehab and heading straight back into trouble.

Davis’s article has something that is often lacking in these discussions: An assumption that people are responsible for their choices. She says:

Abusing ourselves with any kind of substance abuse is a violation of the gift of life—it isn’t what any of us were put here for. And treating rehab like it’s just a strategic career move is practically blasphemous.

Good stuff. Yet we treat people who are massively irresponsible and regard getting by with their irresponsibility as a right as though their lives were worth watching. They deserve to be ignored. MSNBC should consider the irony of including a picture of Lindsey Lohan as an illustration. If they had a picture of her being arrested, perhaps. Otherwise, not.

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