Logos Library Resource on Ancient Israelite History

I got an e-mail yesterday from a representative of Logos Bible Software alerting me to the Origins of Ancient Israelite Religion collection which is currently at the “gathering interest” phase. He mentioned that this package is in danger of not gathering enough interest.

I hope those who use the Logos Bible Software and are interested in this topic will take a look. It looks like a good deal to me. I’m quite addicted to my Logos system, especially the Scholar’s Library and Original Languages Library packages. Many of the books that come free with the system are not of much interest to me, but I have found all the additional cost packages worth the price. So take a look at this package.

For what it’s worth I’m not paid to endorse this, though the links I provided above to the original software do go to my Amazon.com store. 🙂 Buy enough copies through my links and I could get some of the extra goodies I want for my Logos installation!

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